is located 11 km far away from the capital of Montenegro. There are daily flights to Belgrade, as well as to various European and world destinations. During the summer season, many charter flights and air connections are scheduled to all major cities in the world. . Saznajte vise : Transfer to Podgorica Airport


Is an ideal choice of arrival when visiting Montenegrin coast. Tivat is only 20 km away from the tourist metropolis Budva and less than 10 km from Kotor. There are daily flights to Belgrade as well as to various European destinations. During the summer season, charter flights are scheduled to major cities of Europe and the world destinations. D


(Dubrovnik, Croatia) is 25 kilometers away from Herceg Novi and there are organized transfers via buses to all tourist destinations in Montenegro organized for travelers arriving at this airport. Transfer from Montenegro to Airport ČILIPI


Tirana International Airport has been managed and operated by a private company called Tirana International Airport shpk (TIA) since 23 April 2005. TIA has taken over the management from the Albanian State, who had been responsible for the airport ever since it was built in 1957. As a concessionaire, TIA will be in charge of all airport activities for 20 years. : Transfer Motenegro to Tirana Aiport